Extrusion Services

We are committed to providing our customers with superior personalized service that meets your medical product needs. Our product application engineers will recommend the best materials based on your application.

Die and Tip Designs

We provide Catheter tipping and design, also known as end forming. This is the process of shaping the end of a thermoplastic tube using a thermally conductive mold. 

Extrusion Repair

Extrusion Equipment
Repair and Rebuild

We help revive and repair extruders and turn them into modern updated machines that add to your profit margin. After we evaluation, we completely disassemble, rebuild and repair. Most rebuilds are performed for a fraction of the cost of new, leaving thousands of dollars working for your company.

Extrusion Set-Up

Our Innovative processing technologies can help designers create products that perform better and cost less. We benefit from a strong expertise in engineered thermoplastics resins to manufacture the most complex tubing and components that perfectly fit your application

Equipment Setup
Bell and Sell Used

Buy and Sell Old Extrusion Equipment and Accessories.

Whether you need to liquidate the entire business or only one part, our team will work with you to develop the best strategy. Our experience as machinery liquidators and purchasers provides us with a network and contacts that put us in touch with potential buyers, and our negotiation skills help you and potential buyers to agree on the best possible sale price for your machines and other assets.


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